23 Oct

3 secrets to get money in retirement stage

Perhaps, when you were young, did you ever think about what you wanted to do when it was time to retire? In my case, if I have done it many times and I think it is really difficult to know, I always change my mind, although I also know that it is necessary to have a life project and above all, to work from several years before to be able to fulfill everything you want for those days of your life.

For my retirement I would ask for trips to many places of the world, also to attend cultural events constantly but also, I would love to continue being in charge of a company that allows me to stay active and of course, immersed in the workplace. I think this is a good time to teach and spend a good time sharing the knowledge you have gained during your life. Some years ago, how did you see your retirement stage before reaching that moment? Maybe this is a good opportunity to ask you since it is always important to remember our wishes and what we are doing to fulfill them.

In my experience and what I have managed to see is that most people see the retirement stage as a salvation, being this as the boat that saves them from continuing to sail in the sea any longer. And of course, it is obvious that after many years of work the only thing you want to do is rest for the rest of the days, however, Life goes on! And saying it in a very poetic way, we did not come to rest, but on the contrary, we came to have fun and to always be active. Then, the retreat should be a stage that fills us with illusions and, above all, with new ideas and projects that are fresh and ready to be fulfilled.

This is why I consider that seeing retirement as the time to be at home turns out to be very boring, of course, doing so is necessary for health and also for necessity, however, you should not think of this as the only option to perform at this stage of the life. I know many people who, despite being retired, are really young and could start many projects, but something that also happens is that people feel a great reluctance to work again, one of their main thoughts is “Why am I going to continue working? If I have already done it all my life? ”

Of course, if we think about continuing to work because we have to work, it sounds like something we do not want to do anymore, however, we can also think that continuing to have income, in addition to a pension or payment for retirement, can give you a great advantage. Some of them may be the following:

  • Better health: The grandmothers said “as long as health is the rest it does not matter” and well if it is very true. Thinking that we should take care of our health and our body should always be a priority because if we do not have a good mood, it is likely that we are not well to do some other things. Having more income can help you take better care of your health.
  • Greater well-being: It is not exactly that money gives us welfare, however, this state of health we achieve when we do everything we like to do. Maybe these activities can be very simple like going to the park or reading a book while you drink coffee, but there are also many others that involve an investment of time and money, so if you want to continue doing it, it is just that you look for new and better ways to obtain income.

Here we only mention two reasons that work as motivations to continue working and generating income even after retirement. Surely you have many and that is why here we leave you 3 secrets to get money at this stage of your life:

  1. Enter the digital life: This does not mean that you have to be behind a computer for many hours, this is definitely not an option. What I could agree to a large extent is to be part of a team where you have to resolve surveys, provide opinions to sites of interest or even teach online. The digital era gives us multiple ways to earn money, you could even write for some medium in its digital version. How would you like to gain a bit of popularity?
  1. Write a book and get royalties: Think about the number of experiences you have and everything you could contribute to the new generations. If being in front of the audience or having an audience in charge is not your thing, there are always other ways to share the knowledge you have. One of them can be through writing. You could write a book about your industry where you post all your experience in the area where you worked, the copyright can bring you constant profits.
  1. Rent your real estate and objects of your property: During your working life did you acquire a car? Maybe two? Then do not have them unused! Like your house, you could find a way to rent your spaces, for example, your room can be a good space for groups of people who like to read and meet to form reading groups, or maybe even better if you have enough space, you could organize chess or pokar tournaments. You can also rent your car or some other objects that you have at your disposal.

Another option that you could consider is the possibility of applying for a loan with which you can obtain even more profits. In Credifiel we grant credits to retired people and government pensioners, so you can continue having the same opportunities for happiness and fun that you had when you were active in your work life.

For no reason stop having fun and better, make a good financial plan in which you take into account all your income and apply for a loan www.jeffreythompson.org/blog/2014/01/27/computer-count-and-nasdaq.